Haywood organizations honored for their environmental efforts

The Commission for a Clean County has announced the first place and honorable mention winners of its 2006 Haywood County Community Pride annual awards program.


The Community Pride program honors businesses, community groups, civic clubs, schools and individuals, both adults and children of school age. The awards are given to winners for successful efforts in the categories of litter pick-up and control, recycling of wastes, beautifying areas and improving the local environment.

An awards luncheon honoring these groups is being held at the Waynesville Country Club on Wednesday, March 21.

The four first-place Winners were the Beaverdam Community Center; Daly Homes Inc. in Clyde; Roc-N-Soc Manufacturing in Waynesville; The Volunteers Club of Haywood Community College. Winners of honorable mentions were Bethel Elementary and Middle School and Tuscola High School. A certification of appreciation also was awarded to Kevin Williams of Roc-N-Soc Manufacturing for his hard work and special efforts in the company’s recycling program.

The CCC Board of Directors, plus two external judges, first evaluated the submitted applications, followed by site visits to each entrant. Winners were chosen based on quality of effort, quantity of work, consistency and commitment of employees.

Beaverdam Community Center planned and directly participated in five miles of road clean-up in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Daly Homes Inc., led by John Daly, is a home construction company working in Clyde. This is a business where the appearance of work sites is often messy and dirty. Daly Homes work sites are spotlessly clean with no paper or building waste left on site. The streets were paved before construction began in order to keep mud to a minimum.

Roc-N-Soc Manufacturing is the reigning champion of recycling. It began recycling in Haywood County even before the county had a recycling program in place. Not only does the company recycle office paper, it also recycles cardboard, stretch wrap, brown paper, plastic wire spools, plastic bags, foam rubber and upholstery.

The mission of the Volunteers Club is to set an example of good environmental stewardship. Its motto “Leave No Trace” makes this mission clear. Besides being involved in Big Sweep, working in Richland Creek to clean the waterway, the group landscaped a small garden at Central Elementary School, expanded recycling on the community college campus and conducted a “Project Wild” program for the summer enrichment program at the Pigeon Community Center. They also participate actively in the Adopt-A-Highway program.

The Bethel Elementary and Middle School custodial staff worked during the whole summer to transform the school grounds by cleaning out litter and unappealing overgrown old shrubbery and plants from the outside. Tuscola High School has formulated excellent improvement plans. The students have designed and are building a new security guard shack. Repaving and relining the parking lot, due to begin in the spring, also will provide a better appearance for the campus. Beth Ross, the school’s horticulture teacher, has plans for the students to replace old shrubbery and plant beds of flowers throughout the campus.

In existence for over 6 years, the CCC believes that a litter-free, clean county is highly beneficial for the financial and physical health of its residents. During the spring, summer and autumn, CCC members personally set an example by doing “hands-on” clean-ups in each of the four townships and a county roadway. These clean-up days always are announced in advance and county residents always are invited to participate. The group also co-sponsors events with Haywood Waterways and other environmentally minded organizations trying to make a difference.

Next year, the CCC plans to add another award category of Conservation of Resources for those groups who switch to ethanol, biodiesel fuel and electric cars. For information about the work of the CCC, call Chairman Bill Skelton at 828.456.3575 or Vice Chairman Tim Garrett at 828.452.2519.

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