We need sanity in gun debate

To the Editor:

As a gun owner, parent, teacher and American, I believe that there is no legitimate reason for civilians (such as myself) to own weapons capable of firing more than 10 shots before reloading. A 30-round mag (typical of AR15 or AK47-type assault rifles) can do as much or more damage as a hand grenade.


Hunters don’t need 11 shots in a row, unless they’re hunting wild hogs, and a couple guys with 10 rounds each will do the job.

There are already too many assault weapons in circulation. We need to stop adding to the problem. I am not advocating the confiscation of legally owned weapons. Instead I am advocating that a finite amount of them are in circulation, as opposed to an infinite amount, growing every year.

As for pistols, 10-shot max mag as well. Self-defense seldom requires a shoot-out.

Civilians have no rational reason to own or use armor-piercing, incendiary and tracer ammo.

As for the 2nd Amendment, it was written at a time when you couldn’t fire more than two bullets per minute from a muzzle-loading rifle. Our technology has far outpaced our laws.

The NRA is a lobby for the paranoid and U.S. gun corporations. When Congress banned assault rifles some years ago, all it did was ban the import of foreign weapons, while U.S.-made assault rifles continued to flood the streets with the NRA’s blessing.

Finally, the president needs to make it clear, that he will not go after legitimate hunting rifles, shotguns that hold six or fewer rounds, etc. Americans do have a legitimate concern about a slippery slope of once you ban some things, it’s easier to ban more things. 

I understand big boys and their toys, but these “toys” are inherently too dangerous. Weapons designed for mass killing can be and have been used for just that. It’s time to end the insanity.

Some people are stockpiling guns and ammo, and rather than “prepare” for civil war, we should be spending our time, money and energy to prevent such a catastrophe.

Look at Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. Once a war begins, every child, every family in every neighborhood is at risk, and forgiveness is something we are all too short on. Prevention is the key to peace and stability. We need to come together as a community for our common good, not be divided for the profit of some and the paranoia of others.

 Fear can drive us insane. Yes, I want to protect my family, but taking on the sheriff’s department, the state or the feds never ends well for trigger-pullers. Prevention. Sanity.

We need to pull together as a community for the good of all our children.

Dan Kowal


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