Democrats are the problem solvers

To the Editor:

I am a proud Democrat. An intelligent, articulate Democrat became President and he brought back America’s honor throughout the world. During these historically difficult times the President succeeds in spite of constant pressure from an opposition party dedicated to his failure in their attempt to gain power. He is revitalizing the departments of government to oversee, protect, and administer effectively. The oil well is capped, the once bankrupt auto industry is profitable, health care is extended to almost everyone, and our troops are leaving Iraq and are intensified in Afghanistan with an exit strategy. In spite of extreme partisanship, he got the best recession stimulus package we could get. He seeks to extend tax cuts to the vast majority of Americans and small business, and implement needed infrastructure projects to stimulate employment. Obama leads Democrats in a government “of and for the people” and not of and for corporations and the wealthiest 3 percent.

The strong local leadership and seniority of Sen. Joe Sam Queen (D-Waynesville), Rep. Ray Rapp (D-Mars Hill), Sen. John Snow (D-Murphy) and Rep. Phillip Haire (D-Sylva) helped state Democrats institute the largest state budget cut in history. Western counties now get their fair share of lottery money. A $400 million grant for education was secured. All the $30 million Appalachian Regional Commission money dedicated to WNC now comes to WNC, translating into needed infrastructure and jobs.   They kept funding for teachers, higher education, police, disaster relief and did not raise taxes! What would the other party have done, or will do?

There are two kinds of people in this world, problem solvers and problem creators. Democrats are basically problem solvers. They face society’s problems and look for solutions. The process can be sloppy, but they work hard for us and our children’s future. They are not radicals who will never seek compromise nor are they “republican’ts.”

Don’t be fooled by the massive, secretive, infusion of $400M million from corporations, partisan groups, their elitist press (FOX & Rush) and their false choices. Be alarmed! Get out and vote Democrats! History shows that when the problem creators get into power our country pays a heavy price. Extreme, divisive, conservative polices got us here and will only make matters worse.  

John S. Geers


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