Everyone wants to protect the mountains

To the Editor:

Everyone in Jackson County needs to know there was an overflow crowd at the public hearing on steep slope issues on Feb. 20. During the three-hour hearing, everyone who spoke — without exception — wanted to protect the mountains.  

Everyone from a young college man to an old man with a cane; everyone from scientists to artists; everyone from a real estate person and a builder to environmentalists; everyone from old-timers to newcomers came to voice opposition to the planning board’s desire to slash the current steep slope regulations. 

There were photos, facts and statistics, a jug of river water, and heartfelt pleas including one expressed in an original song. Everyone’s presentation was followed by applause. 

Now, everyone on the planning board for the Jackson County Board of Commissioners needs to heed the pleas and not slash the current steep slope regulations.  

Instead of slashing the current regulations, why not encourage and provide incentives for builders who work with the environment not against it?

Mary Joyce


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