Leaders of the Downtown Sylva Association are drumming up support for a special taxing district that would raise money to promote downtown.
Leaders of a downtown Sylva movement are considering downsizing a proposed special taxing district to encompass only the core downtown area.
Students in Haywood County are on the front lines of an ambitious effort to reintroduce a slew of native species to the Pigeon River following decades of pollution from the Canton paper mill that destroyed the aquatic habitat.
Thanks to major environmental investments by Blue Ridge Paper Products in Canton, the last advisory against eating fish downstream of the mill was lifted this month — ending a 20-year effort to clean up the river following decades of pollution…
New developments have emerged involving the the purchase of a small piece of land in Maggie Valley by the town for a park. Alderman Phil Aldridge made $6,500 in commission for acting as the town’s real estate agent in the…
Sarah Kucharski • Staff writer A new prescription drug discount card soon will be available to Macon County residents.
Haywood County commissioners are once again pondering the idea of recruiting a state prison.
Clerk talks: Dennis Stephenson, a clerk at the Bryson City post office, supplied the following statement in an affidavit taken by Swain County election board member John Herrin.
Two Swain County residents claim they were victims of illegal voter intimidation during the November election.
The following testimony was provided by Rhonda Bedsaul, 47, of Swain County. A similar account was provided by Bedsaul’s husband, Ron, 42. Both affidavits have been turned over to the state election board for further investigation.
A record number of applicants are seeking seats on the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority, likely spurred by the ongoing tug of war over the best way to spend $650,000 annually in tourism promotion dollars.
Downtown Sylva Association members have voted unanimously to hire an executive director, setting the organization up to more actively advocate for the downtown community.
The surge in early voting witnessed in the last election has prompted the Swain County election board to hunt for a new office location.
An elected board member in Maggie Valley has collected $6,500 in commission from the town after acting as the town’s real estate agent in the purchase of land for a small park.
Dillsboro and Southwestern Community College’s Heritage Arts Institute in Swain County were among the 18 grant recipients from the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff writer The Town of Franklin is taking steps toward implementing its recently adopted Principals of Growth, hiring both a town planner and GIS mapping specialist.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Jackson County commissioners have set in motion a strategy to make up for the past and plan for the future, directing the planning board to make several land-use ordinances this year’s top priority.
Jackson County’s Green Energy Park has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Project of the Year award, giving the one-of-a-kind methane gas recovery project some much deserved recognition.
As the Cherokee election season gets under way in the race for chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, there’s one dynamic that won’t be at play: catering to the hundreds of enrolled tribal members who live in far-flung…
The Downtown Sylva Association will hold a series of public meetings in January to answer questions about a proposed municipal service district tax, DSA president Sheryl Rudd recently told town board members.
Preamble What can we do now to ensure that in 20 years Franklin will still be recognized as a great place to live? This question is critical as we grapple with the formidable challenge of managing growth. In North Carolina…
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Local Mediacom cable subscribers up late Friday night saw their ABC affiliate WLOS Channel 13 go dark at midnight, as the company and Sinclair Broadcast Group have failed to reach an agreement that would…
Dave Curphey’s story is a dime a dozen. Fed up with the urban sprawl that ruined his small town in Florida, devouring a landscape once dominated with orchards in just 10 short years, he packed his bags and moved to…
More than 300 people attended a public hearing on Land For Tomorrow in Asheville last week, overwhelming the expectations of those conducting the hearing. Some people drove for nearly two hours to come voice their support for the initiative.
Land For Tomorrow is a statewide initiative launched last year to set aside $1 billion for land conservation over the next five years.
A new public comment and meeting policy has been adopted by the Swain County Board of Commissioners. Here are some highlights:
A corporate entity took over emergency room operations at Haywood Regional Medical Center last week, and so far it hasn’t gone great, according to patients and those working inside the ER.
Creation of a one-half cent local option sales tax to support building needs at Haywood Community College and tax relief from spiraling property values are among the issues Haywood County commissioners are urging legislators to address when the North Carolina…
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer If there’s one thing economic development officials agree on, it’s that there’s no one right way to do it.
By Sarah Kucharski In January 2005, Jackson County Commissioners called in more than $1.2 million in loans issued to six local industries, suspended participation in the Economic Development Commission and launched an investigation of the commission’s financial records.
The current falling out between Haywood Regional Medical Center and the ER doctors is a symptom of a larger problem afoot, according to physicians who appealed to the hospital board on behalf of the medical community last week.
2006 was a big year for news in the mountains. From the economy to the world of politics, there’s been a lot of change. We’ve selected some of the best quotes from newsmakers in 2006 to help put the year…
Haywood Emergency Physicians expressed concern at a public forum last Tuesday night (Dec. 19) about the turnover of emergency room operations at Haywood Regional Medical Center to a new corporate physician staffing entity at midnight the night of Thursday, Dec.…
Jackson County Commissioners last week strategically deferred making a decision about who would become the newest member of the Jackson County Airport Authority, in effect throwing out the list of names authority members submitted for approval.
Despite outcry from the medical community and general public, the hospital board of Haywood Regional Medical Center has stood by its decision to oust a long-time group of ER doctors and replace them with a corporate physician staffing company.
A new set of doctors will take over emergency room operations at Haywood Regional Medical Center at midnight on the night of Dec. 28.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Macon County Commissioners unanimously approved a moratorium on high-rise development Monday, giving county planning and legal staff 11 months to write an ordinance that if adopted could potentially prohibit such development for a long…
The Haywood County medical community sent a strong message at a countywide meeting of doctors last Tuesday night (Dec. 12). In a 50 to 2 vote, physicians asked the hospital board of Haywood Regional Medical Center to reconsider their decision…
Jackson County Commissioners passed a resolution Monday night (Dec. 18) encouraging the state General Assembly to provide funding for the Land for Tomorrow program in 2007.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Two years have passed since the Jackson County Commissioners suspended their participation with the local Economic Development Commission, launched an internal investigation and audit of the EDC and EDC office and attempted to remove…
Here is a copy of the resolution, which was passed by the Medical Executive Committee on Dec. 6 and affirmed by a meeting of the medical staff on Dec. 12:
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer The delivery of 3,000 gallons of B-20 biodiesel manufactured by Smoky Mountain Biofuels made Hop’s Gas and Grocery on Old Cullowhee Road the first station to offer a public biodiesel pump west of Asheville…
Haywood Emergency Physicians held a two-hour town hall style meeting Tuesday night to answer questions about the termination of their contract by Haywood Regional Medical Center.
Emergency room doctors at Haywood Regional Medical Center have been on a collision course with hospital administration since a brand-new $5 million emergency room opened in December 2004.
The competition between Western Carolina University students to win a building contract at a Cullowhee church was just for fun, but the construction ideas and issues they pointed out recently were real — and appreciated.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Parking along Sylva’s downtown Main Street is a challenge.
The Haywood County medical community was expected to voice its disatisfaction Tuesday night with a move by Haywood Regional Medical Center CEO David Rice to oust a long-time group of emergency room physicians and turn over the ER to a…
Phoenix Emergency Physicians is making progress rounding up a new set of emergency room doctors to work at Haywood Regional Medical Center, according to Chris Lutes, the manager of the corporate physician staffing agency.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer The Town of Sylva has begun surveying the Fisher Creek watershed in anticipation of receiving a $3.5 million conservation easement to be awarded by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer With the announcement of plans to bring a new Wal-Mart Supercenter to Franklin, some say town aldermen have given away their only real bargaining chip that would aid negotiations to make the Big Box…
The following statement was provided to The Smoky Mountain News following a meeting of the Haywood Regional Medical Center Hospital Authority Board of Commissioners on Monday, Dec. 11.
The Francis Mill Preservation Society in Haywood County is gearing up for a major campaign to replace the metal wheel on the grist mill.
An ongoing power struggle between Haywood Regional Medical Center CEO David Rice and doctors in the emergency room came to a head last week when the hospital board, at Rice’s recommendation, voted to hand over ER operations to a corporate…
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Jackson County Librarian Michael Cartwright will be resigning from his post by the end of the year, prompting the Fontana Regional Library System to begin a search for his replacement.
A regional effort is afoot to address mountainside and slope development as a region rather than relying on individual counties to implement development standards.
Haywood Regional Medical Center and Haywood Emergency Physicians disagree over whether it was necessary to rewrite the doctors’ contract with the hospital while there is still 18 months left on the agreement.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer A high-rise moratorium is in the works for Macon County. On Monday night (Dec. 4), county commissioners directed new county attorney Lesley Moxley and Macon County Planner Stacy Guffey to draft an ordinance prohibiting…
After a sudden termination of their contract by Haywood Regional Medical Center last week, emergency room doctors say the reputation of hospital CEO David Rice is making it difficult to recruit new doctors to the county.
Waynesville officials are looking under a different couch cushion for additional revenue after losing income from sweepstakes operations and its ABC store.
Nearly two months after a majority of Macon County commissioners approved a slew of salary raises for all county employees, the nitty-gritty details of the pay hikes have been released.
For law enforcement, video gambling is like a bad case of poison ivy that keeps cropping back up all over the place, and now, it’s going after them.
A church is looking to bring a little more religion to downtown Sylva, but some local business owners, as well as elected officials, are skeptical of the move.
Four years after Swain County leaders trashed a skewed property reassessment, the county has completed a new revaluation.
Sylva town leaders have chosen not to raise taxes next year and instead delay town expenditures, save money where they can and dip into reserve funds to shore up the budget.
Jackson County commissioners will discuss two sets of proposed planning regulations at an upcoming workshop at 2 p.m. on June 17 in the county’s Justice and Administration Building. One of the items being considered is a new ordinance that was…
Repairs to the dam at Balsam Lake in the Nantahala National Forest have been delayed because of high creek levels, leaving the popular lake drained as the Western North Carolina tourist season gets under way.
The effort to introduce zoning laws in Cullowhee is being taken up by Jackson County Commissioners at an upcoming workshop at 2 p.m. June 17 at the county’s Administration and Justice Building near Sylva.
The “Buy Haywood” initiative is a work-in-progress example of how local businesses benefit by connecting with each other.
Haywood County just got a little sweeter. Specializing in “handcrafted, locally produced, artisan beverages,” Waynesville Soda Jerks is a new business that has opened at the Waynesville Historic Farmer’s Market. At the center of it all are founders Megan Brown…
For more than a month, 25-year-old Slyenia Rhein and her three children lived in a single hotel room with her mother, her father, her sister, a dog and a cat.
Foot traffic undeniably brings dollars to Waynesville’s downtown businesses. But what the passerby also brings is trash.
Mitigating the deadly and damaging effects of mountain landslides might be as simple as understanding them.
The tax on overnight lodging in Haywood County could be increased next year pending approval by the state legislature.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer The deadline for Mediacom and Sinclair Broadcast Group to reach an agreement that will allow the cable provider to continue carrying Sinclair stations — including local ABC affiliate WLOS Channel 13 — is up…
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Jackson Paper Engineer Chas Mathis strides confidently through the company’s used cardboard warehouse, up a steep metal grate, and up to the pulper. The machine churns like a giant blender as loads of cardboard…
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer A 3 to 1 vote by the Swain County Board of Commissioners last week will effectively reduce the salary of the newly elected sheriff.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer A lawsuit over deed restrictions that could prevent a controversial high-rise condominium near Highlands from being built is past due for mediation.
An uncharacteristically large crowd packed the Swain County commissioners meeting last week (Nov. 21) to oppose a move that will effectively lower the salary of the newly elected sheriff.
By Sarah Kucharski • Staff Writer Images from Sylva-based photographer Matthew Turlington’s 1998 work “A Photographic Depiction of Jackson Paper Company” stand out on the company’s corporate office walls, lining the hallway with their stark black and white freeze frames…
Swain County commissioners last week tentatively agreed to increase the property tax rate by 3 cents to cover a budget deficit — the first property tax increase Swain has seen in more than two decades.
Macon County has it sights set on building a new soccer field in Highlands, one of the few mountain communities where the sport is king of the fall season, not football.
Illegal drug abuse and its repercussions are costing Haywood County taxpayers. An increase in drug use has led to more drug-related arrests. That means more inmates in the county jail, which it turn takes more jailers.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians could make the inmates housed in its future jail pay — literally.
Delvin Adams stood at the top a ladder leaning against the underbelly of a bridge near Harmon Den in Haywood County, banging the rustiest looking metal beam with a hammer.
Building owners in Waynesville’s historic districts may have to jump through extra hoops before undertaking renovations or alterations to their property in an effort to retain the town’s historic character. 
Judge not lest ye be judged. The Waynesville Planning Board is delving into the town’s sign ordinance to create more uniform, yet more permissive signs in its three downtown shopping districts — greater Main Street, Frog Level and Hazelwood — something…
A slap-happy spray paint job by a utility contractor has tarnished the quaint brick sidewalks in downtown Waynesville with obtrusive and excessively large orange stripes.
Charged with stealing, 15-year-old Charles Eason was sentenced to work on a prison chain gang. It was 1882, and the teenager from Martin County soon found himself side-by-side with other convicts, many two and three times his age. Mostly from…
There’s been a noticeable decline in the number of ducks and geese at Lake Junaluska since a feeding ban went into effect last fall.
Cullowhee community activists have finally made headway in a push to create a community land-use plan to regulate growth and development in the area.
While many professors and staff members enjoyed their careers teaching, assisting students and helping to keep the ever-growing Western Carolina University operating on a daily basis, retired life inevitability beckons. But a movement afoot hopes to maintain a stronger connection…
Angel Medical Center in Franklin officially came under the umbrella of Mission Hospital System this week, a move Angel leaders say will help improve health care for patients and the hospital’s bottom line.
It was Groundhog Day again for the Maggie Valley Police Department. Last year, Police Chief Scott Sutton defended his department and officers against claims that the force is too large and its budget should be slashed. This year was no…
Haywood Community College is negotiating with the architects and contractor who worked on the college’s new Creative Arts building to figure out who owes what.
Construction on an 8,000-square-foot Waynesville skate park is visibly progressing.
The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado formed during an afternoon of thunderstorms and high winds that ripped through Western North Carolina two weeks ago.
Haywood County could be landing new jobs in the near future — but what type of jobs, how many and when they would be coming are a secret for now.
Children of all ages are invited to participate in this year’s 22nd annual “Stars & Stripes Celebration” at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 4, on Main Street in Waynesville. Participants can decorate their bicycles, tricycles, scooters, strollers and wagons. Patriotic dress…
The second session of “Good Neighbors, Good Stewards: Community and Environmental Change in Macon County” will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 29, at the Rickman Store on 259 Cowee Creek Road, seven miles north of Franklin. The goal…
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