Obama just hasn’t gotten the job done

To the Editor:

This will be the election of my lifetime. I was born before WWII. I have seen my country survive many serious problems. But this year we have a man running for re-election who has had almost four years to prove his mettle. Millions voted for his “hope and change” slogan hoping he was going to revive our economy in some way. He had absolutely no experience that would suggest he had the ability to do that.

We now know he did not. Instead he decided to tackle health care. The best kind of health care insurance I ever had came with the job I had. In January 2009 the worst part of the recession had already passed by. Instead of focusing like a laser on the job market — which would have put people back to work with health care — Obama spent the next two years trying to pass a health care bill. Since then our national debt has gone up almost $5 trillion and millions of Americans are still out of work without healthcare and many have lost their homes.

Last Oct. 3, more than 67 million Americans watched President Obama try to defend his record for the past four years against Gov. Mitt Romney. When confronted by Romney regarding his poor performance as the president, Obama had no answers. He looked down at the lectern doing something.

His supporters were dismayed by his performance. The country has waited almost four years for Obama to help our employed workers. Do we want to wait any longer? Our country cannot afford to keep millions of Americans on food stamps and welfare checks. Gov. Romney has the business experience to get our country moving again. Which of these two men looked like the president? Over 67 percent said it was Romney. That is the man I will vote to elect on Nov. 6.

Jim Mueller


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