McCrory and our gems from Western Carolina

To the Editor:

I am concerned about North Carolina’s unemployment rate of 9.7 percent and the country as a whole. We, the citizens of North Carolina, have a wonderful team of conservative candidates who are real leaders.

Firstly, we need positive financial leadership to help get our state back on track, and after watching Pat McCrory’s entire campaign and the gubernatorial debate last week, I believe he is our man as the next governor. Mark Meadows can take a fresh, strong message to Washington as our congressman with his succinct three step focus on life, liberty and less government intrusion in our lives. Mike Clampitt, a plain-spoken individual and clearly not a career politician, has been a dedicated public servant for over 30 years in fire services. Having dealt with emergencies of all kinds, I believe he would bring common sense to the N.C. General Assembly.  

Having worked with McCrory for 14 years in Charlotte, Mike could work effectively between the General Assembly and the governor’s office. Jim Davis, our proven incumbent state senator, has worked with other conservatives across the state creating a sound fiscal budget. Marty Jones would be a true representative from Cashiers as the commissioner from the 4th District.

With real leadership from Romney/Ryan at the top and Pat McCrory as governor, our local team of conservative candidates has the opportunity to really focus on the needs of North Carolinians as well as the course of our country. Liberty and freedom are the keystones of our America, and it is the maintaining of these core principles that will bring America and our state back from the brink.

Our current president and administration have done much to weaken our country while at the same time giving the office of the presidency extreme power through unbelievably dictatorial executive orders and czars. I pray Romney will defeat this president for the sake of our future freedoms. Mitt Romney will have quite a job to do due to the damage the current unqualified president has done to our country; however, he is a fierce businessman with proven experience and ethics as his qualifications to put America back on the track of what our real America is — home of the free, land of the brave, and respected leader of the free world.

Trish Chambers


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