Affordable Health Care Act is good legislation

To the Editor:

Republicans in Raleigh and Washington who want to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act — and those who vote for them — would be doing away with the following benefits to us which are now in place:

• An insurance company cannot drop our coverage if we become sick or disabled.

• An insurance company can no longer place lifetime dollar limits on our health coverage.

• Many plans must now cover preventive care services at no additional cost.

• If we have been denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, we can now get insurance.

• Young adults up to age 26 are now covered under their parents’ policy.

• Starting in 2014, insurance exchanges will provide better access and more options to self-employed people and small businesses.

• Medicare now covers annual wellness visits and preventive care services, such as immunizations and screenings.

• If we have Medicare Part D, we now receive discounts on prescription drugs while in the donut hole.

• New resources to fight Medicare waste, fraud and abuse will now add 10 years to the solvency of Medicare.

Some call this “Obamacare.” I call it “Our Care.” Those who want to get rid of it “Don’t Care.” When we vote in November we had better keep in mind “Who Cares.” If we lose it by voting in Mitt Romney and his cohorts we will soon discover that “Nobody Cares.” I’m glad we have a president who cares; we need to keep him.

Doug Wingeier


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