Adventure Travel Film Festival at NOC

Get set for three days and 16 films at Nantahala Outdoor Center during the Adventure Travel Film Festival May 4 to 6.

The film festival hails from the United Kingdom and is an international celebration of the greatest adventure travel films from the 1920s to the present day, where people from all walks of life are invited to see the world through the artistic eyes of film.

The event will be hosted by international film-maker Austin Vince and travel writer Lois Pryce.

The event features a set of independent travel films dubbed “gritty, audacious and personal.”

Feature and short films range thematically from the first paddling descent of the Yenisey River through Mongolia, Siberia and into the Arctic Ocean, to “The Himalayan Adventure,” the 1958 story of three English housewives who drove a Land Rover from London to Zanskar (then a part of Tibet).  There will be tales of mountain biking from Mexico to Canada, alpha-females attacking the South Pole, paragliding across North America, canoeing the Congo, motorcycling through Afghanistan and much more.

Additionally, there will be photography clinics, video documentary classes, music and more.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival has three-day, single-day, and per film passes available. The three-day pass is $75 and includes access to all films, clinics and weekend entertainment and a free Nantahala rafting trip.

A one-day pass, which includes access to that day’s films and events, is $40. Individual films can be viewed for $10.

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