It is time to look ahead, not behind

To the Editor:

The Physician Leadership Council, the governing body of the employed physicians of MedWest Health System, is saddened to see the recent media coverage surrounding MedWest-Harris. We understand the concerns that have been voiced by several doctors, as well as the community in recent months, but feel that this is the time to look into our future instead of dwelling on the issues of the past. In recent months the administration of MedWest has changed dramatically; so that we the physicians can better serve all of our communities. We work closely with all three of the hospitals that make up MedWest and are committed to giving the best medical care possible. Our council strives to create avenues of communication for the patients, for the providers and for the communities as a whole. We welcome input from our patients, so that we can serve each and every patient in the best possible way.

All of the members of the Physician Leadership Council have worked with the physicians who are leaving and hold them in high regard. Their expertise and caring will be missed. However, we must not forget that we still have an extremely skilled and dedicated medical staff of nearly 230 physicians who are choosing to stay in our communities and work in our hospitals to take care of our patients. And that number is growing! Ten new doctors in a variety of specialties are joining the medical staff this summer.

We realize that our system faces many challenges, as reflected in the healthcare industry as a whole. Yet as we look to the future, the Physician Leadership Council supports the administration of MedWest and the affiliation with Carolinas HealthCare System. With the relationships that we are nurturing between the MedWest campuses, we are working to build an even better healthcare system so that we can help you and your family when you need to call on us. We thank you for your past, present and future support.

Robin Matthews, MD

Chairpeson, Physician Leadership Council

Haywood Women’s Medical Center

Charles Toledo, MD

Vice Chair, Physician Leadership Council

WNC Pediatric and Adolescent Care

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