The new world of political advertising

To the Editor:

I’m going to be as “tacky” in my public response to Mr. Swanson as he was in his response to Ms. Abel.

This gentleman, in his attempt to kill a message, kills the messenger. This is not the first time, and seems his usual method. Confusing the issue is his forté. But, to give credit where credit is due, he does respond quickly. Perhaps that’s why his diatribe shows little thought and clearly misunderstands the point of Ms. Abel’s message.

She does not advocate, nor hint that she advocates for “Higher Taxes, More Government, OR Less Freedom”.

He fails to address the correct message, and instead invents his own scenario in his typical knee-jerk response. He chooses to defend his local Freedom Works group and goes on to detail his views. One can only conclude that Mr. Swanson is either willfully ignorant, or woefully lacking in simple comprehension. It’s most likely a combination of both, and seems to be a malady that infects the Far(out) Right.

Regarding the Freedom Works group visit to N.C. Sen. Johns Snow’s office and the alluded to statement, I can’t comment since I wasn’t there. However, having heard the senator’s opinions on the importance of education and funding required, the reportage seems, at best, incomplete.

Ms. Abel’s letter was not “about” Sen. Snow or his loss in the 2010 election. That issue was used as an example.

And why would Mr. Swanson even address “2012 rules,” if he thinks her letter was about a past (2010) event?

She apparently forgot to add the designation “PAC” or “Super PAC” to one paragraph lamenting the power of corporate funding in campaigns, but he should have realized she was referencing the Supreme Court “Citizens United v. FEC” decision. That decision allows unlimited and hidden contributions from billionaires and corporations whose sole purpose is to create a beneficial outcome for themselves.

Their behind-the-scenes efforts manipulate elections. The influx of their dollars is used to persuade the easily led, low information persons who vote just by name recognition —  names only recognized simply because those less informed have received a daily dose of bad information, deceitful innuendo, and outright false statements in their mailbox and television, as well as rabid, unauthored internet emails, and malarkey-drivel on drive-time radio.

Heavy mailings in particular have happened here in Macon County. Ms. Abel’s letter asks that we all be aware of what we know occurred in the past because it will very likely happen again.

Funds from national organizations and their PACs, funneled through a local group, create an unfair advantage when their message is heavily weighted with misinformation.

That said, the Freedom Works group does deserve kudos for giving Macon Sheriff Holland contributions, and participating in patriotic events. Let me note, they are not alone. Many support the sheriff’s efforts, and many other groups hold and support patriotic events. Freedom Works does not hold a corner on this market.

It is also very noble to educate your membership, but many find your resource speakers and “trainers” views to contain twisted, missed or mixed factual data and therefore are considered biased and irrelevant.

As to the remark that a person who resorts to subterfuge should be “outed” — we are in agreement.

I do not represent a group, only me. My opinion is that Mr. Swanson should tone down his diatribes, and should only address what he sees as the stated issues, not the person making the statements. Gee, even John Hood recently said as much.

Sure, disagree, and make your points. Leave the personally disagreeable behind....

Tackily (as said in my first statement), but fervently sincere,

Esbie Tarr


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