Women should make their voice heard on Election Day

To the Editor:

Recently there were two letters to the editor locally by Shirley Ches and Marge Abel which expressed the exact issues that many women in Macon County are very concerned about. I couldn’t have proclaimed the issues any better. Thanks to these intelligent, caring individuals.

There is a very important primary election coming up on May 8 in Macon County, with early voting April 19 through May 5. I urge all women and their caring menfolk of Macon County to become aware of the issues and turn out to vote.

Bobby Kuppers needs to be returned to his seat, period! His opponent, Rick Snyder, is an unknown with no legislative experience.

Heath Shuler’s seat is up for grabs. One of those vying for that position is Hayden Rodgers, a true clone of Shuler. Do we need more votes geared toward the Republican agenda?  Cecil Bothwell, also running for that seat, is a true progressive and would certainly serve Western North Carolina wisely, taking into account what is truly best for his constituents.

Also on this ballot is an amendment on the issue of marriage, making it only legal for a man and woman in North Carolina to be married. No town, county, state or the country should stand in the way of the civil rights of any consensual union between any couple! Vote NO to this ban! Hurray for the states who are forward thinking enough that this is not an issue.

There is a great statement that has  gone viral on the internet which sums this election year up: “Women bring all politicians into this world. In 2012 women can also take them out.”

Step up and be counted this election year. You must not sit home and think that other people will take care of the issues.

Joan Palmroos


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