Jackson should join Franklin on this one

To the Editor:

I write to urge the Jackson County commissioners to follow the lead of the Franklin Town Board and place on their agenda for May 7 the Resolution to Amend [the Constitution] presented to them on April 2nd. This action would put them in the company of county and town boards across the state and country — toward the goal of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision. That ruling granted rights of “Personhood” to corporations and bestowed to their money the advantage of unlimited “free speech.”  It effectively has robbed human citizens of our vote.

The proposed 28th amendment would nullify that ruling and re-create — for the 99 percent — a level playing field. Franklin’s board voted unanimous approval. Corporations now control not only our economy, but our elections. Beyond elections, corporate lobbyist control the votes of the very representatives whose elections they engineered.

Yet Congress is the body we elect to keep the corporations in check. To me, this circle of dominance is a cruel joke on “we the people.”

Make no mistake: this is a local issue. Corporations not only wield negative power over our air and water, but plunder underground resources and — most immediately —  they own our economy. At March’s end, Jackson County’s unemployment was at 11.7 percent. Each year change becomes more difficult for our children and grandchildren’s future.

Leaders of our county, exert the leadership invested in you by your constituents —place this resolution on your agenda and vote ‘Yes’ to send this resolution to the N.C. General Assembly.

Lucy Christopher


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