Dog parks taking shape in Franklin and Sylva

Two communities can see the finish line on respective dog parks: Franklin and Sylva.

The Friends of the Greenway in Macon County are making progress on the construction of a dog park to be located beside the Big Bear Playground parking lot in Franklin. By mid-May, the fencing should be installed, and benches, trash cans and signs with dog park rules will be in place.

This dog park will be enclosed with five-foot chain link fence and divided into two sections, one for larger animals and one for smaller pets. A park entry area will be included for dog owners to leash and unleash their dogs safely. Other features such as dog agility equipment may be added in the future.

In Sylva, county officials have agreed to build a dog park in Mark Watson Park. Additional fencing for a no-leash area for dogs will be installed between the new sidewalk and outfield fence. The park will be 8,670-square-feet in size.

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