Two artists picked to create art of historic Bethel church

Two artists were selected to paint various versions of the historic Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Nick DePaolo, owner of Long Grove Art School in Waynesville, will create an oil painting of the exterior of the church when the structure retained its traditional white clapboard appearance. DePaolo has been a freelance artist, instructor and muralist for more than 40 years.

Gary Woolard is commissioned to portray the interior of Bethel Presbyterian Church. With its chestnut bead-board panels alternating at various junctures, the 1885 interior is striking and beautiful. Woolard received a grant from the North Carolina Arts Foundation to paint the 12 oldest churches in the state’s first 12 counties.  

Bethel Rural Community Organization’s Historic Preservation Committee is initiating a several year art project that will include various artists who will portray scenes of Bethel’s historic sites.

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