‘Coy’ to be centerpiece of Liars Bench benefit shows

The Liars Bench, a program featuring authentic traditional Southern Appalachian storytelling, music, poetry, and drama, has announced that its February performances will be a benefit for the organization.

In addition to Liars Bench regulars, the February performances will feature a play, “Coy,” written by Gary Carden and performed by Tom Dewees.

Admission will be $10 at the Feb. 16 and Feb. 23 performances, which start at 7 p.m. Tickets are currently on sale at City Lights Bookstore.

“The show has become quite popular and part of the program’s appeal is due to the fact that admission at all of the City Lights and Mountain Heritage Center performances has been free. However, in order to stabilize our finances we have decided to charge admission for this special program,” said Carden, the founder of The Liars Bench.


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