Animal shelter organizing painted cat sale and art auction

Cherokee has bears; another town has painted pigs. Harold Sims, who runs the Catman2 shelter, wants cats.

Sims has found life-size, unpainted cat statues and is looking for people to sponsor a cat. The cost per cat depends on how many statutes are ordered at a time, and with enough sponsors, the cost could be less than $100.

“I’d like to have no less than 50 cats,” Sims said. “When we reach the goal we ask sponsors for payment, order cats and let the paint begin. We will advertise sponsors and artists in many ways.”

Once decorated, the painted cats will be on display in shop windows all over Western North Carolina. And in the fall, the shelter will hold an auction to sell the cats, and other fine art items. All proceeds will support the cats at the shelter.

Needed are: people to sponsor a cat, artists to paint it, an auction house (in Asheville) to sponsor the auction, donations of fine art and people to bid on the donated items.

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