People too gullible about Occupy movement

To the Editor:

After reading Carol Larivee’s letter noting the differences between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement, it amazes me that in this day and age of vast online resources a person can continue to be so gullible as to buy into every piece of liberal spin and blindly accept as truth. When one fails to do their due diligence, they live in a world of fear, baseless prejudice and ignorance.

The author portrays the Occupy Movement as some sort of Utopian Society of shared wealth. When Occupiers’ laptops and other sweet little electronic devices or personal property were being stolen from the camps, they saw things differently and complained. Occupiers have little respect for others property or right to make a living.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party respects both private and public property. So much so that they leave a site of a rally cleaner than when

The Occupy movement has continued its struggle to arrive at a coherent message, but the Tea Party rallied around this core on day one — limited government, free market principles and personal responsibility.

Ginny Jahrmarkt


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