Final lecture in Rickman Store series

The Wilderness Society’s Brent Martin will lead the final presentation in the “Gardening for Wildlife” series of lectures at 7 p.m. on Oct. 21 at the Rickman Store in Macon County.

Martin, the southeast representative for the Wilderness Society, will lead a program called “Hug a Bug! Love a Bee! Save a Tree!” which focuses on putting a value on nature’s free services. Martin will discuss how nature’s gifts are undervalued but vital to the health and sustainability of the planet, and most importantly how individuals can work to protect natural systems in our own neighborhoods.

Songwriter Angela Faye Martin will accompany Martin’s talk with some “wild” strumming and songs.  

This is the third year of the Gardening Series organized by the Friends of the Rickman Store. All gardeners who have received “Backyard Wildlife Habitat” certification from the National Wildlife Federation are invited to attend and be recognized with congratulations.


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