Go ahead and do the Macon revaluation

To the Editor:

If property revaluation is postponed until 2015, the Macon County Commissioners are again gambling that property values will be comparable to the current valuations in order to maintain the current budget level. Consider that they could be worse than now or even worse than 2013. Using the analogy of a nurse pulling off a band-aid: pull it off quickly and endure the pain for a short period, or pull slowly and endure the pain for a long time.

Also, commissioners cite that if valuations decrease and the millage remains the same, revenues would decrease. This would necessitate a decrease in services. In this economy I have had to decrease the goods and services I purchase. It appears that government spending, healthcare, and inflation are all going up while incomes are going down. That is a good definition of unsustainable. Commissioners should pull the band aid quickly!

Robert Bourke


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