Let’s send Obama to unemployment line

To the Editor:

We need a plan that will help grow jobs in our district. The message to the world and the nation is simple: Western North Carolina is open for your business. We need to ease the rules that choke the life out of small businesses. We need to limit the burden of federal bureaucracy. Smaller government creates jobs.

We need to send the message loud and clear and remind Washington that the government serves the people, not the other way around. We need to grow the economy and stop growing the government.

Job creation in our district and in all of America depends on the spirit of enterprise. Education provides the knowledge to start a business. Starting a business fuels jobs. Jobs give people money to spend. More money spent means a healthy economy.

Maybe the only way to make sure the president will understand what we are saying is to make sure he joins the ranks of the unemployed next November. He is ignorant, with no sense of how to make things better, and arrogant, with no sense of his own massive failures. His combination of ignorance and arrogance is more than we should be asked to bear.

Christopher J. Petrella

Republican candidate for U.S. Congress

District 11


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