Jet boat business takes off in Bryson City

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats in Bryson City, which for six years has been building New Zealand style jet boats, is now expanding to build larger boats.

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats has been making a 12-passenger boat since 2006. This year, the business has expanded to include a four-person recreational model that boasts a 410 horsepower Corvette engine and two models of 24-passenger tour boats.  

Construction of the first 24-passenger boat started last week. This all aluminum jet boat is capable of traveling in four inches of water at speeds of 45 knots.

A pair of 12-passenger boats is being delivered to Gatlinburg, Tenn. Because of a very flat bottom, the boats are capable of spinning 360 degrees. Other boats, including one this week, are being sold in the international market.

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