Haywood schools, HCC form credit partnership

Haywood Community College and Haywood County Schools recently signed an agreement to provide high school students with a seamless transition from secondary to post-secondary education. The agreement minimizes content duplication for high school students entering the community college system.

More than 35 courses are included, which allows students in all Haywood County schools who successfully complete these high school courses with a B or higher, a proficiency level of 93 on the VOCATS and recommendation of their instructor to complete part of their college freshman year before they graduate high school. Completing these courses saves high school students money and time. Students who complete classes must enroll at HCC within two years of graduating from high school to receive college credit.

Courses include: business, web design, marketing, masonry, construction, drafting, allied health, horticulture, networking and welding.

For more information, call 828.627.4500 or visit www.haywood.edu/high_school_programs.

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