Purple paint on trees to serve as new ‘no trespassing’ sign

Before you go gallivanting about hunting or fishing on private property, be aware that a new law passed by the N.C. General Assembly requires hunters and anglers to carry written permission from a landowner or leaseholder when on posted property.

This includes private land, waters, ponds or legally established waterfowl blinds.

The new law also provides a new and perhaps easier way for landowners to post their land: vertical purple paint marks on posts or trees. Landowners can still use signs or posters declaring the land off limits to trespassing or hunting.

Written consent to hunt, fish or trap on posted lands (dated within the past 12 months and signed by the landowner, leaseholder or agent of that land) must be carried. If a hunting club is involved, you need to carry a copy of the club membership and a copy of the landowner permission granted to that hunting club.

The Landowner Protection Act goes into effect Oct. 1. View www.ncwildlife.org/HotTopics/documents/Landowner_Ad.pdf for detailed instructions on posting property with signs or purple paint.

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