Jackson library should be dedicated to citizens

To the Editor:

In response to “Strange at best – tacky at worst” (Smoky Mountain News, June 22 edition), I was confused by the statement that read “When it was done, Democrats William Shelton, Tom Massie and Brian McMahan were gone; Elders, Cody and Debnam were in.”

I took that to mean that Shelton, Massie and McMahan were no longer on the plaque. A misreading on my part that is indicative of the confusion that can occur over these sensitive issues.

So I called County Manager Chuck Wooten this morning to ask for clarification on the plaque. The plaque will list all five commissioners who were on board in 2010 and all five who are currently serving.

I do find all of these plaques troubling, however. To me there should be one plaque only. It should read “Dedicated to the Citizens of Jackson County: Past, Present, and Future” with the date of the dedication ceremony.

This would get rid of all political connotations and give credit where credit is due.

Linda Watson


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