Date change caused absence at forum

To the Editor:

A question has been asked as to why I was not at the Cherokee County “Meet the Candidates” forum. I would like to make it clear my absence was not meant as a slight to the community.

I have kept to my commitments to visit within communities and homes. The date of this event was changed at the request of another candidate and this information was not given to me or another candidate. I do thank Barbara McNair, community club chair, for announcing at the event that the date change came as a result of the other candidate’s request.

To be in attendance at events like this in various communities has been a priority of my campaign. I feel it is very important for the voters to see, hear, and judge the candidates. However, fulfilling my commitments is also high on my campaign’s priority list. I had home visits and other events scheduled for the new date of the Cherokee County “Meet the Candidates” forum.  By the time I received the new date of the forum, it was impossible and unfair to shift my existing schedule.

I invite any voter to contact me at 828.736.0922; by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or at my website: www.juanita4chief.

Juanita Plummer Wilson

Candidate for EBCI Principal Chief

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