Just where are all the promised jobs?

To the Editor:

Republican Sens. Ralph Hise, R-Spruce Pine, and Jim Davis, R-Franklin, promised “jobs, jobs, jobs” and “better times” for Haywood County during their campaigns.

Did you hear them promise to make the largest budget cuts to education ever made in North Carolina history? You didn’t?  

Did you hear them promise to “create jobs?” You did?

The Republican budget cuts $1.2 billion dollars from state monies crucial to our kids’ educations. Their budget cuts teacher assistants’ jobs, teachers’ jobs, librarians, janitors and staff jobs in our Haywood County Schools. These folks are losing their jobs — jobs that support their families. And our kids will be the worse for it.

Hazelwood prison is being closed. These jobs support Haywood County families.

Gas prices are up and the tourism industry is hurting in Haywood County.

Food prices are up. Unemployment continues to climb. Home foreclosures are increasing.

Where is the help for Haywood County? Where are these jobs and these “better times”?  

Tell us exactly what promises you have kept to Haywood County, Sen. Hise and Sen. Davis?

Chuck Dickson and Sybil Mann


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