Make Haywood whole in redistricting

To the Editor:

On Saturday, April 30, the Republican Party of Haywood County submitted a resolution to the Redistricting Committee of the North Carolina General Assembly. That resolution requested that they comply with the Whole County Provision of the North Carolina Constitution and return Haywood County to a single district county, rather than the split district which it has been for 10 years.  On Monday, May 2, the same resolution was presented to the Haywood Board of County Commissioners.

We have taken this position for a number of reasons. The previous split has created an added burden on the Board of Elections and the taxpayers of Haywood County. It has required additional ballots, staffing, and training for poll workers for each election in our county. Furthermore, this split has created confusion for voters at the polling places.

In addition, the previous split has diluted the influence of Haywood County in the state House and Senate election process. Therefore, citizens have found it difficult to know who is responsible for specific areas, fostering frustration and concern.

This change, if adopted, would not be done for political advantage to either party. However, it will return Haywood County to the original organization as outlined in the state constitution. This will also provide clarity and fairness to the citizens. Most importantly, Haywood County would no longer need to deal with the financial and logistical burdens of the past decade. It just makes good sense.

John Meinecke, Chairman

Haywood County Republican Party

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