‘Catman’ pens new cat book

Harold Catman Sims has published a new book titled Kevin Tames the Bullies.

Sim operates the Catman2 no-kill cat shelter in Jackson County, and all proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward helping operate the shelter.

Kevin Tames the Bullies is a sequel to Sims’ first book, Kevin the Helpful Vampire Cat. In his first book Kevin helps new cats adjust to life in the Catman2 shelter. But unbeknownst until now, Kevin was teased and bullied by some of these same cats when they noticed Kevin’s upper canine teeth were growing longer, making him look like a Vampire cat.

The other cats were pointing at Kevin laughing and sometimes swatted a paw at him. He didn’t understand why they were doing this until he happened to see himself in a reflection in his water dish. Then he knew … he was different. He wanted the teasing to stop but he didn’t want to fight them and be a bully himself. So he finds a non-violent way to solve the problem.

Books can be ordered for $14.95 ($12.95 for the book and $2 for shipping) by mailing PO Box 2344 Cullowhee, N.C., 28723.

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