Still no jobs from new GOP leaders

To the Editor:

Where are the jobs? The new Republican majority in the North Carolina state legislature promised just that if elected. As of now there have been more than 420 bills introduced, and not a single job created or even suggested. In fact, many of the bills actually eliminate jobs.

The most obvious job killer yet is HB422. This bill is to reject a $480 million grant from the federal government for improvement of infrastructure and high-speed rails. It outright kills the creation of 4,800 new, good-paying jobs.  The Republican majority will cut off its nose to spite its face with this one.  

How many times do we need to be hit in the head with a brick to know that it hurts? Call your new Republican representatives and senators and let them know we are not fooled. Their actions are telling us their campaign promises have proved to be a ruse. In other words, they lied about their intentions for wanting public office. North Carolina needs this grant, and if we don’t take it another state gets it.

Sylvia Blakeslee

White Oak

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