Remember to honor the veterans

To the Editor:

Veteran’s Day may just seem to be any other day to some, or maybe an extra day off work for others. However, as I think about Veteran’s Day, I feel an overwhelming sense of heartfelt gratitude for the thousands of men and women that have served and represented our country in so many wars, combat and humanitarian situations in various and different ways and times. The gratitude also goes out to the families and significant others of all of them.

I know that most people have limited knowledge of what all of the people I’ve just mentioned actually go through and experience throughout their military service time. I’m sure everyone tries to imagine what it has been like for these men and women and their families, good and bad included. Fortunately, through my work I have had the opportunity to know exactly what they have experienced, and have come to understand and appreciate the many parts of their lives they have sacrificed to keep the human rights and freedom we have.

Take a minute not only on this Veteran’s Day, but every day, to feel the pride, share the gratitude, and say “thank you” to all of these men and women and their families who have contributed so much in making so many lives better. Thank You!

Glenda Sawyer,

Behavioral Health Clinician, MedWest

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