We need independent political leaders

To the Editor:

If ever there was a need for common sense and independent thinking among our nation’s leaders, that time is now.

One can hardly blame voters for being angry with both political parties (indeed, annoyed at just about everyone at all levels of government). It can be said perhaps, if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. And doubly infuriating, the political class is seemingly oblivious of their responsibility to dispel some of the anxieties so many Americans feel.

With the economy pretty much in shreds, jobs permanently lost, unendurable (and even less definable) wars draining our resources and costing the lives of our youth, the politicians seem unrestrained from playing the “blame game.”

Aside from the fact our government(s) are nearly paralyzed and awash in special interest money and influence, I had hoped for a little less partisan bickering and a little more transparency and (dare I say it?) honesty in this election cycle.

There’s no way to disentangle the hyperbole and hubris and the sometimes outrageous accusation (mud) being exchanged in order that voters might form an intelligent decision as to whom to support. This only serves to escalate voter’s wrath, discouragement and frustration. It prompts the poet to exclaim ... my kingdom for one honest statesman.

Every President in modern times has promised to pursue a bipartisan venture based on cooperation and civility. Barack Obama was no exception and our hopes and expectations were high, perhaps too high. No President can succeed when the party out of power acts only to ensure the party in power fails. That’s the inherent drawback to our two-party system and why I am so incessantly adamant that we desperately need independent-minded, honest candidates who will stand up for the fundamental guiding principles and convictions that made this great nation the envy of the world.

David L. Snell


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