Too much is based on skin color

To the Editor:

Imagine yourselves involved in a delicate negotiation in which feelings run high on both sides. It would be important in good faith dealings to maintain confidentiality in the meetings so that in case of initial failure to reach an agreement the process could continue. Even if the disagreements are so great that a successful outcome is not possible at the present time, there would be a path forward for future negotiations.

What do you suppose would happen to these efforts if in the middle of the proceedings one of the principals decides to go public and air details of the meeting that puts the opposing side in a bad light and could be misunderstood by others? This not only hurts the negotiation but hurts everyone concerned.

I think you see where I’m going. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, upon realizing that he and his feckless Republican enablers would not be able to “roll” President Trump by mousetrapping him into a bad compromise, decided to tattle on him to the press which wasted no time in endlessly repeating the b-a-a-a-d word the president either used or allegedly used. Of course this poisoned the well.

It should be fairly obvious that the Democrats see DACA as an issue, i.e., an unsolved problem, more useful to them than having a solution. Where is their vaunted compassion for the so-called Dreamers? It seems they are serious only so far as their hypocrisy is concerned. Democrat is not the right word anyway; it’s more like Demagoguecrat. When they are in power they expect everyone to not question the legitimacy of elections (but don’t look too close!), but when they are out of power they act as if they had a Divine Right to Rule (if they even believe in the Divine) and feel free to question the legitimacy of the present administration.

There is no self-reflection or sense of irony here, being oblivious not only to nuance but to what should be obvious. If anyone had someone as a close acquaintance that acted toward them in such a manner, he would soon be given a wide berth if his behavior didn’t improve. How is it then that we have such dishonorable behavior by those in high places that cannot maintain confidentiality and good faith but want to act as if they were playing a video game called “Get Trump”?

   Apropos Martin Luther King Day and dovetailing with the above, mention must be made that because some took a principled stand and courageously suffered for it back in the heyday of the civil rights movement does not give license to be scoundrels in the present day, entitled to slander as racists those with whom they disagree.

I have a dream, too. I dream of a day in which ALL people are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Sadly, Dr. King’s dream has been betrayed because today it is fashionable for so much judgment to be based on skin color.

David Parker


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