Kneeling in protest is a proper protest

To the Editor:

Will Americans allow the symbol of “liberty and justice for all” to be more highly regarded than actual liberty and justice for all? Have the flag and the national anthem become more important than our written Constitution?

Some people are saying that wealthy athletes should not protest racial injustice during the playing of the national anthem. Then where and when should protesters protest? Do we not all have the right to protest the injustices we see around us? When Walmart wants to sell us something they place the item where we are very likely to see it.

How many people actually agree with famous football coach Mike Ditka when he opines that there hasn’t been any racial oppression in the last one hundred years? Come on, coach! Would Ditka recognize Martin Luther King’s photo if he saw it? Dr. King lost his life over the struggle for equality in America.

According to the King James Bible, when Cain killed Abel he asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Will Americans choose to be their brother’s keeper? Or will we opt to deny our brothers (and sisters) the liberty and justice that all people want? Will we harden our hearts to those among us who are a different color? Then what will we do with the millions who are racially mixed already? In spite of what some want there is no way to turn back the hands on the clock.

Bob Dylan told us, “The times they are a’changin’. You can google that fact or call him up on your rotary telephone (if you still have one).

Dave Waldrop


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