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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 15:21

Liberals believe they are righteous

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To the Editor:

I read your article about the monuments. Well-written, but I think you’re missing the point. This current political issue is not about the Confederacy or slavery, it’s about widening the divide between us. Liberals, and in particular the liberal media, seek to create issues where there are none so they can confront and then shove their own politics down the throats of their neighbors.

Two months ago, 99.99-percent of all Americans did not give a single thought to statues or plaques honoring Confederate soldiers. It was not an issue. Some liberal, most likely white, sitting on some council in Charlottesville decided that he or she needed to straighten some things out.

Great idea! What did it yield? KKK and Nazis who had been mute and nearly nonexistent are suddenly in the papers, on the TV and all over the internet. Violent “anti” fascists are put forth as the good guys. The two groups of boneheads meet, conflict erupts, a young girl is killed, families are scarred and the country is more divided than ever. Do you think we should give the Charlottesville City Council an “atta boy” for this?   

The bathroom issue in North Carolina was the same thing. Almost no one cared if someone whose wires are crossed in regards to their gender used the boy’s bathroom or the girl’s bathroom. Some liberal in Charlotte did and they needed to straighten the rest of us out.

Great idea! What did it yield? The state lost tens of millions of dollars, businesses would not locate here, bathrooms across the country are a mess and third-grade boys in California schools are being helped by their teachers to make the transition to become girls. Nice job Charlotte, “Atta boy” … or girl, or whatever!

Media jobs attract liberals. Liberals like to straighten the rest of us out, they love to tend to someone else’s business. Just ask them, they are convinced that they are smarter, wiser and kinder than anyone who does not agree with them.

Liberals are unified. Like the lemmings they all run in the same direction no matter where that path is heading. Most have no clue or care as to what that path will yield. They believe that they are righteous and that is all that matters.

Old friend, you called our president of six months the great divider. You may wish to look in the mirror on that one. After all, when it comes down to it you and your newspaper just tow the party line.

Let’s get together and ride some motorcycles. Maybe a road trip to Mt. Rushmore. I’d like to see it before the lemmings jackhammer Washington and Jefferson off the side of the mountain.

Tom Enterline


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blog comments powered by Disqus