Disparaging terms are divisive

To the Editor:

I am growing increasingly weary of hearing and reading the far right’s use of disparaging terms to describe those who possess liberal thinking.

What is wrong with a spirit of generosity and compassion toward those less fortunate than you or of different cultures, i.e., “bleeding-heart liberal”? Is it better to be hard-hearted or have a heart of stone?

What is wrong with considering the feelings and dignity of others by being “politically correct”? Would you insult and deride those different than you or deprive them of their civil rights?

When did education and critical thinking become a bad thing as in the “cultural elite.” Wouldn’t you rather have a president and lawmakers who are smarter than you?

I, for one, wear these labels proudly even though this divisive language is apparently meant to insult and demean. Like all name-calling, use of this verbiage serves to objectify and dehumanize those at which is directed. Once you do that it is easier to deprive them of respect and their basic human rights. Isn’t it time to stop this bullying and try to see the common ground between us instead of the constant undermining of this process by hateful epithets?

Judy Stockinger


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