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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 15:38

Immigration laws need enforcing

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To the Editor:

This is in response to Mr. Paul Strop’s letter from the June 7 issue. There is a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. The Left’s continued, disingenuous misrepresentation of this issue — another example of which is highlighted by the letter — is what contributes the most to making this issue so “emotional and divisive” in our country. Believe it or not anti-immigrant and anti-illegal immigration are not the same thing.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and open your mind, just for a minute, and you might actually realize that. And this is coming from a man who is married to a legal immigrant, one whose family had to go through the legal process to become proud, contributing citizens of this great country.

Picking and choosing which laws should or shouldn’t be enforced — particularly based on political inclination — is not only wrong, but also unconstitutional. If you don’t like the laws, then get your congressional representatives to change them.

Tom Smith

Davie, Fla.

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