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Thanks to Franklin, Macon leaders

To the Editor:

As a proud Great Lakes kid, I am so pleased that Franklin Town Council and Macon County commissioners have voted to make Macon a green county and town by supporting the U.S.A. “Climate Alliance.”

I was born in Michigan. My family began their U.S. experience on the shores of Lake Michigan. Due to World War II events, my parents moved to Ohio, near yet one other of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie.

I was horrified to read about the ‘Larsen C’ ice shelf breaking off in the Antarctic. One reason the article caught my eye was that it referenced one of the Great Lakes. The ice shelf is not only the size of Delaware, but the resulting iceberg has the volume of twice that of Lake Erie.

Climate-change deniers say human activity doesn’t have an effect on climate, even though most of us believe it does. Even if you think it doesn’t exist, why not err on the side of caution? The last time I looked, we all live on this one little blue planet we call Earth, and it needs us to take care of it..

I’m not concerned about me, but what kind of world are we leaving those who follow us?

So, thank you to the Franklin and Macon County elected leaders for taking this step — all our steps together will add up.

Shirley Ches