Haywood gets a honey extractor

The number of Haywood County beekeepers is on the rise, and a new honey extraction facility is now available for those beekeepers to use for free.

Haywood County Cooperative Extension and the Haywood County Beekeepers Association first floated the idea of creating such a facility in 2015, and a $16,550 TVA grant from Western N.C. Communities awarded to the Southwestern N.C. Resource Conservation and Development Council got the project going.

Located inside an old summer camp bathhouse at the Mountain Research Station in Waynesville, the facility includes a 20-frame radial motorized extractor and a chain comb-uncapping device. The extractor can hold enough honey frames to yield 50 pounds of honey.

“This facility has been so helpful to Haywood County and its beekeepers. Before, I had to set my equipment in my basement that wasn’t equipped for all that I was doing with my hives,” said beekeeper Tyree Kiser. “Haywood County beekeepers are very fortunate to have this wonderful facility.”

For the next year, all beekeepers will have free access to the facility. Afterward, there will be a fee for use with Haywood County Beekeeper Association members given a discount.

Bill Skelton, 828.456.3575. www.hcbees.org.

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