Trump pushes boundaries of legality

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning, July 2, Donald Trump tweeted a short doctored video clip of him attacking an individual whose face was covered with a CNN (Cable Network News) logo. If you have not seen it, you should.

The original video was filmed in 2007 and taken from WrestleMania 23 where Mr. Trump took part in the fake action by a simulated attack on WWE chairman Vince McMahon. In the current video, the face of Mr. McMahon is covered by the logo of CNN, thus portraying an attack by Mr. Trump on a CNN reporter or possibly the CNN network itself.

Let us be perfectly clear here, this is an incitement of violence against the reporters and employees of the CNN network by the President of the United States. When I was growing up, I was taught by my father and other responsible men in the community to never make threats that I was not willing to carry out. Most of these men were veterans of World War II and had seen the results of violence. They had the perspective that threats were not funny, nor were they a game. Threats, even in jest, are serious, because too often someone will take them seriously and act on them in a serious manner.

Does this video mean that CNN reporters should hire bodyguards or begin carrying a gun to protect themselves from the Trump supporter that may not be mentally stable? This is not an indictment of Trump supporters. We know that that there are unstable persons of every political persuasion. We only have to look to the recent shooting of Republican representatives at a baseball practice in Virginia to see this fact. But I am pretty sure that we should not be fanning the flames of intolerance through this type of tweeted video

In plain terms, if I were to post a video of me attacking a person upon whom I had superimposed the face of Donald Trump, I am pretty sure that the Secret Service and the FBI would be looking into my background and investigating me. Were I to state that I wanted to attack and/or kill the President, I would be arrested as a threat to not only the President but to the nation. If that is so, then what makes it right for Donald Trump to perform that very act on an individual associated with CNN?

David Frost, while interviewing Richard Nixon, once asked if the President of the United States could give an illegal order. Nixon’s reply was that if it was an order from the President, then it could not be illegal. We pretty much know how that turned out: Watergate.

We need to ask ourselves if we have reached that point in our lives and our political system that whatever the President says is legal and law. We need to examine our political parties, governmental systems, and our souls to see if we are alright with the direction that our country is taking. I, personally, am not.

Luther Jones


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