Study catalogues trout fishing’s economic impact

A recent study quantifying the economic impact of trout fishing showed that 149,000 trout anglers in North Carolina fished 1.6 million days in 2014, contributing an estimated $383 million to the state’s economy. 

The amount includes direct spending on purchases such as fishing equipment and hotel rooms, as well as secondary spending by businesses associated with trout angling and their employees. In addition, 2014 trout fishing supported about 3,593 jobs, the study found. 

Titled “Mountain Trout Fishing: Economic Impacts on and Contributions to North Carolina’s Economy,” the study was conducted by Responsive Management and Southwick Associates. Responsive Management surveyed more than 2,000 anglers to gather data for the study, while Southwick Associates analyzed the economic data. This is the second time the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has funded such a study. The first one, conducted in 2009, was used to develop a comprehensive trout management plan to enhance public fishing opportunities. 

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