Student assault at Tuscola caught on video

On Wednesday, May 3, a male student assaulted another student at approximately 9:30 a.m. at Tuscola High School. The assault lasted about 20 seconds according to a press release from Haywood County Schools, and law enforcement and the parents of the injured student were promptly notified. The victim of the assault sustained serious physical injuries.

A student videoed the assault and shared it electronically with others. On Thursday, May 4, 2017 school officials were informed that the video was circulating on social media.

“This was an aggressive assault and watching the video actually made us feel nauseated,” said Travis Collins, Principal of Tuscola High School. “This is unacceptable behavior and we will use our existing policies and laws to issue appropriately firm discipline for the student committing the assault and the student who made and transmitted the video.”

“We are thankful for the intervention of other students and staff as they yelled at the student committing the assault and began moving toward the incident to intervene,” said Bill Nolte, associate superintendent. “Our thoughts are with the injured student. We ask people not to share the video with others. This adds insult to injury and advertises something that should be condemned.”

“It is very disappointing that such an act would occur at one of our schools,” said Superintendent Anne Garrett.  “We stand with Mr. Collins and his staff as they work through this difficult situation. They are working hard to stabilize the campus climate during this very important time of the year.”

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