Party fracturing not necessarily bad

To the Editor:

We know that the modern newspaper, in fact all media, feeds on controversy, some of it made up for ratings and sales and then hammered to death when nothing else is happening. The fact that there is conflict in Haywood County is barely new. In fact, if there were none we should be worried. Gen. George S Patton said, “When everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking.” As political correctness dies a needed death more division should come forth.

 This past election demonstrated that there are four political parties forming. Both Democrats and Republicans were — are — divided. The ultra-left which wears vagina suits and expects free college education is one — the far left progressives. Since socialism has never progressed anywhere that will always be popular but not effective.  

The middle group of Democrats — the old DNC which relies on a steady supply of jobs in the bureaucracy is still around and strong. We used to call this “the court house gang” even when they were Republicans. 

 Meanwhile the GOP is divided into the corporate bunch, which relies on big donors and a state of inertia, and finally the Tea Party types, who are focused on the Constitution, law and order, and stability in the job market.

The problem is that the game pieces keep moving. A new generation comes along with a different outlook on government. The millennnials, for example, are less interested in political parties and more interested in policy. They are registering as No Party or Independent.

The next 20 years will decide who comes out ahead but I would not be surprised to see new official parties forming on a national scale.

Cornelia Scott Cree

Maggie Valley

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