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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 16:13

Voters should decide tax collector issue

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To the Editor:

Haywood County Board Chairman Kirk Kirkpatrick has publicly complained “It feels like we have no representation” in Raleigh because local state House members like myself insist on giving constituents a choice whether to elect their tax collector via referendum.  

However, the citizens of Haywood County might feel they have no representation either if they lost their existing right to vote on this key public position without having any say in the matter, as Commissioner Kirkpatrick prefers.

 As a state representative, I support my constituents having local control over their elections. I will not support permanently removing their right to vote on a key official like tax collector via a directive from Raleigh. The citizens of Haywood County deserve a voice in this matter that a simple referendum would provide.

I value the unique input the citizens of Haywood County have on local government by electing their tax collector, just as they elected me to serve them. Holding a referendum at a cost of $5,000 is a small price to pay to let our voters decide if they want to continue electing their tax collector.  

Right now Haywood County citizens have taxation with a unique, locally elected form of representation. They deserve input whether to keep it that way. 

Rep. Mike Clampitt

North Carolina House Member

Haywood, Jackson & Swain Counties

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