Mystery Meadows challenger identified?

A “Mark Meadows Town Hall” meeting on health care in Waynesville April 23 doesn’t promise U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows will be there, but it does promise that an unnamed Democratic challenger will be. But who is it?

Progressive Nation WNC’s Facebook page says that “a progressive organizer and working class community member will step forward to declare their candidacy against Mark Meadows” but also sloppily reveals a gendered pronoun deeper in the post: “… don’t miss the chance to hear Meadows’ challenger make his formal, public announcement…”

The event lists only two speakers — health care activist Leslie Boyd (a woman) and community organizer Matt Coffay (not a woman).

Facebook chatter singles out Ashevillian Coffay, who was not available for comment as of press time, but Coffay’s Facebook profile shows him to be a member of several Democratic Party organizations and lists him as a co-founder of one of the organizations hosting the event.

A quick internet search also shows a “Coffay for Congress” Facebook page has been created, but is not yet available for public viewing. The internet domain redirects to, but simply says “Coming soon.”

While not definitive proof, it’s likely Coffay is the mystery candidate; the only way to find out for sure will be to show up April 23.

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