Why so much disrespect for Trump?

To the Editor:

From where comes all this hate and disrespect directed at the President? 

I expect and respect differing opinions, especially when it comes to politics, but not the  blatant disrespect expressed in recent letters, “our one term — or less — President Donald Rump,” from one who spent a career in military service. 

We have seen our military severely diminished over the past eight years, and we now have a president who is pledged to rebuilding it so that our beloved country can be safe from those emboldened by a weak 44th president. President Trump — that’s with an uppercase “T” not an “R,” was elected an a platform of “Making America Great Again.” Evidently his detractors do not share this vision or desire. They would prefer to revert to the years of national decline. For this attitude, I express only my disappointment in them

I am registered as “unaffiliated” and voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past election.

Otis Sizemore

Maggie Valley

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