Freshmen legislators are led astray

To the Editor:

Like Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin, and others before them, Rep. Mike Clampitt, R-Bryson City, and Kevin Corbin, R-Franklin, have been seduced by the dark side in Raleigh. It used to only happen when local politicians went to Washington, but now it has infected our state government as well.

Just Davis co-sponsored the current law allowing fracking of our water supply throughout North Carolina and voting for HB2, Clampitt and Corbin have been cajoled into introducing HB 249, the so-called “Economic Terrorist” bill.

This would label anyone an “Economic Terrorist” for briefly occupying a road as a part of a protest, enhancing punishment for this “terrorist activity.”

How many Patriots during our American Revolution would have been labeled “Economic Terrorists” according to this bill?

When our elected officials refuse to listen to their electorate, even hiding from their constituents, what other non-violent means do we have to express our views under the First Amendment?

With HB 249, we have another highly divisive, extremist and unconstitutional piece of legislation looking to solve a problem that for the most part doesn’t exist.

Clampitt and Corbin would be wise to continue to think for themselves and do the right thing in Raleigh, rather than fall into groupthink.

We the people would be better served if those who control our General Assembly focused on improving our health care, child care, public education, job opportunities, and wages in rural North Carolina. If you agree, let them know.

Dan Kowal

Macon County

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