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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 15:55

Trump still holds the upper hand

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To the Editor:

The media is crowing over this so-called big loss for Trump by having to postpone the elimination of Obamacare.  

Not so fast. This is a major move forward. Let’s go back to December 24, 2009, in the dead of night when the Senate Democrats passed this thing with nary a Republican vote.  When Congress goes skulking about you can be sure they are up to mischief.

But all Congress knew then that a bill requiring an entire population to buy insurance, whether they needed it or not, would result in huge profits for insurance companies and also benefit for-profit-hospitals as it turned out.

Now here comes Trump. Nobody in D.C., home of the insurance company lobbyists, thought this man would win so they did not divest their fat portfolios of insurance stock. As long as they knew Obama would veto them the GOP was happy enough to send up repeal bills.  

But now the tables are turned and the truth exposed. Trump holds the upper hand. He will wait patiently, allowing them time to dump their stocks and he’ll go back for full repeal later on, possibly even after the Congress alone must face the collapse of the system they both profited from and tolerated.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive,” Sir Walter Scott.

Cornelia Scott Cree


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blog comments powered by Disqus