Time to solve problems

To the Editor:

Obviously, the GOP has won control of government for a brief while. The use of such language as “Obamacare has been a disaster from the beginning, and Americans can no longer sustain the crushing weight of its failures” just makes you look worse than you need to. Many people have benefited tremendously from Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), so it's too bad the GOP has an entrenched dogma that won't let them work to improve it. Let's try and move beyond haranguing and do what's best for the country. 

Having said that, we will continue to broadcast the Trump Organization's most egregious lies and gaffes, as well as his general lack of knowledge, skills, and abilities, given that he provides them in video format for us all to enjoy.

The Trump Organization's allegations of voter fraud should be investigated. They should not be allowed to make those allegations unchallenged, for it has a chilling effect on our democracy. Maybe that's their intent?

Bil Aylor

Swain County

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