Let’s just get people back to work

To the Editor:

People do not appear to understand how important it is that Obamacare be repealed with no replacement. Here is how it works. 

As a senior I live on Social Security with no raises for several years because 94 million people are not working enough, that is half time or not at all. That means the tax receipts are down and less money for government to spend.

When these working age people get a job, then money from payroll taxes will begin to refill federal and state coffers. But that will not happen because small businesses, the backbone of all business, will not hire due to this confiscatory and unreliable health care provisions.

So, people are still not working and small businesses are still not hiring. Elders still do not have an adequate income. School systems do not have enough working resources, newspapers reduce the number of pages because ads are off, and we who depend on vacationers are looking at empty motel rooms, and on and on.

Therefore, entirely eliminate all Obamacare and the 18,000 IRS brownshirts hired to enforce it and give the country a chance to go back to work, and junior can get out of his parents’ basement.

After total repeal they can start with a clean slate and figure out about the people who were unlucky enough to subscribe to Obamacare. They can always have a voucher for Medicare in the interim.

Sure, I’d like to see America great again, but for now let’s just get our mountain people back to work.

Cornelia Cree


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